Safa Kabir transcends her romantic lead image to present a versatile performance in ‘Tikit,’ marking a new chapter in her career

Safa's ride beyond romance

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Published: 2/20/2024 4:41:36 AM

Actress Safa Kabir is known for her roles in romantic dramas like 'Closeup: Kache Ashar Oshomapto Golpo', 'Odekha' and 'Bhalobasha 101'. 

However, Safa's talents extend far beyond the realm of love stories. In a bold departure from her usual roles, she recently starred in the web series 'Tikit,' showcasing a new side of her acting prowess.

Directed by Vicky Zahed and now streaming on Chorki, 'Tikit' features Safa playing an intriguing character. Released this month, the series quickly became a hit, earning rave reviews. Safa acted alongside the likes of Siam Ahmed and Manoj Pramanik, contributing to the series' success.

In 'Tikit,' Safa plays 'Suborna,' a character full of mystery. The series unfolds with a group of unique individuals on a journey aboard a bus, where Suborna stands out as the most enigmatic. She is quiet and composed, yet her character is deep and intriguing, bringing the flair of a mystique siren to an already ominous tale.

"To be honest I was a bit nervous playing the role of Suborna at first," expressed Safa.

"I accepted the role because I had great memories with the director and the character intrigued me. The story and setup were unique, offering a fresh experience. But I quickly adjusted," she added.

Safa said she was uncertain about how her performance would be received. "I knew I had to give it my all, and that's exactly what I did," she said.

Safa's entry into the industry was marked by a minor role in a telefilm in 2013, a time when telefilms were all the rage, just like  today's web series on your Chorkis and Hoichois.

She didn't necessarily aspire to become a star in films or series. Her dream was more along the lines of being featured on the big billboards around town, just like Deepika Padukone in the 2007 Bollywood movie 'Om Shanti Om.' 

And that is what happened subsequently. Her brief performance caught the attention of some influential people, leading to offers from telecom companies to become their model. 

Safa's dream of seeing herself on billboards and TV channels became a reality. For many, her presence in commercials is what made her a familiar face. And one of her driving forces was her father.

"I have to say that my father really encouraged me to move forward with all these, when I myself was unsure," said Safa.

"After my initial role, I didn't expect it to have much impact or lead to other offers. However, when it did happen, I was surprised but eventually overcame my shyness. I began to truly discover my passion for acting," she added.

Over the years, Safa has become a beloved icon in the industry, with each of her projects warmly received by fans. This widespread adoration is a significant achievement for her, though it can sometimes feel overwhelming. She occasionally doubts if she deserves all the affection, but it also humbles and motivates her.

Despite her fame, some still pigeonhole Safa as just a romantic lead, underestimating her range. But Safa loves to challenge herself with various roles. Her role in 'Tikit' was a chance to break the mould and silence her doubters, showcasing her versatility to the audience.

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