Selma Blair apologises after backlash for her anti-Islam comment

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Published: 2/15/2024 4:51:30 AM

Hollywood actress Selma Blair expressed regret for her recent comments on Islam during a video discussing the Israel-Hamas conflict. In a now-deleted statement, she had equated Muslims with Hamas and criticised the religion. Blair has since apologised, removed the comment, and issued a lengthy statement to address the impact of her uninformed remarks.


In an Instagram statement, Selma Blair acknowledged, "This is a time of great pain globally, emphasising the importance of understanding the impact of words. Regrettably, I conflated Muslims with Radical Islamists in a comment on Abraham Hamra's post about congress members and Hamas. It was a terrible error in my words, unintentionally hurting many, and I deeply regret this. Upon realising my mistake, I promptly deleted the comment."

Blair reflected, "Hate and misinformation spread easily, even through my actions. I acknowledge my mistake in contributing to the understandable upset within the Muslim community. I deeply respect and love peace-loving communities worldwide. My Muslim friends guided and educated me, and I am dedicated to reciprocating their love and understanding. Let's prevent ignorance and rage from becoming our downfall."

She concluded, "I humbly extend my hand to break the chain. Those familiar with me recognise my efforts to create bridges for all marginalised communities. My commitment is to tolerance and peace, not hate. I sincerely apologise to those in the Muslim community whom my words offended, to my friends, and to anyone, I hurt. I am determined to improve. With appreciation, love, and respect. Selma."

Actress Selma Blair

Selma's comment stirred social media discussions, with netizens criticising her for failing to distinguish between extremists, radicals, and the Muslim community as a whole.

Selma faced backlash online after commenting on a video shared by a user named Abraham Hamra. The video, seemingly addressing the Jewish community post-October 7 Hamas attacks, prompted Selma to write, "Thank you so much. Deport all these terrorist-supporting goons. Islam has destroyed Muslim countries, and then they come here and destroy minds. They know they are liars. Twisted justifications. May they meet their fate."

The initial critics of the "Cruel Intentions" actress were filmmaker James Lebrecht and the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). James expressed, "I haven't commented on the Selma Blair situation until now. I had hoped for a more eloquent statement than the following. I am heartbroken after seeing what she has posted online. I barely know how to use Instagram and don't follow anyone daily."

He continued, "All of this caught me completely by surprise. I want to emphasise as clearly as possible: I advocate for an immediate cease-fire, and I urge the immediate release of hostages. I condemn the actions of the Israeli government. I abhor the killing of innocent people anywhere. To be explicit, I deplored all killing."

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