Daily morning habits to inculcate in life: Doctors share tips

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Published: 7/28/2022 9:14:57 AM

The way we start the day shows a lot about how the rest of the day will look like for us. Our ways of taking on the day with the morning habits are the route to a healthy lifestyle. Speaking to HT Lifestyle, Dr Ajay Agarwal, Director and HOD, Internal Medicine, Fortis Hospital Noida said, “Developing a healthy lifestyle habit is a simple but powerful approach to develop consistency in your health. Your daily routine impacts not just your overall health, but also your anxiety levels, sleeping habits, and eating patterns. A habit is something that is done on a regular or recurring basis and developing regular good habits is crucial for our health. Everything you do, from the first thing in the morning to the last thing at night, affects your overall health.”

Adding to it, Dietician Reena Sharma, Accord Super Speciality Hospital, Faridabad suggested a few morning habits that will set the tone for the day:

Rise early: Night owls can also train themselves to become a morning person and soak some sunlight to kickstart the day.

Make your bed: Making the bed encourages good sleep hygiene.

Don't check your phone: Staying detached from technology, at least for the first hour of the day, helps in creating moment awareness and positivity.

Drink water: Start the hydration for the day right with a glass of water.

Meditate: Incorporating mindfulness practices like yoga and meditation, can help to train the mind and emotions.

Self-care: Investing time and efforts into appearance helps in building self-confidence.

Breakfast: Start the day healthy and tasty with a nutritious breakfast.

Reading: Literature, poem or anything which you would love to read, helps in starting the day on a positive note.

Movement: “Try to move your body; not everyone wants to hit the gym first thing in the morning and that is okay. But try and incorporate some morning stretches or light yoga to get the blood flowing to your muscles and leave you feeling fresh,” said Dr Ajay Agarwal.

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