Bangladesh has enough stock of fuel and nothing to worry: BPC Chairman

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Published: 7/27/2022 9:11:33 AM

Bangladesh has enough stock of fuel right now and there is nothing to worry about at this point, says Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation (BPC) Chairman ABM Azad.

Around 50,000 tonnes of refined fuel oil will arrive at the Patenga port in the next three days, he said requesting people not to pay heed to rumors about oil crisis.

The BPC chairman came up with the remarks during a media call on Wednesday.

According to him, the country now has 32 days of diesel stock, nine days of octane stock, and 15 days of petrol stock. It also has 44 days of jet fuel stock and 32 days of furnace oil stock.

“As per agreements between BPC and other companies, supply of fuel oil remains normal as of now. The government is trying to slash the use of fuel oil by 20%-30% in the country. BPC is working on it,” he said.

Regarding social media posts on the scarcity of fuel stock and limited fuel offered to vehicles by some petrol pumps, he asked people not to pay attention to rumors. 

“No such decision was taken by the government,” he said.

“Supply of petrol to different petrol pumps remain normal and stable,” he added.

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