Coke Studio Season 3 coming next April

I try to learn from criticism: Arnob

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Published: 12/7/2023 7:14:24 AM

Arnob's Coke Studio journey from "Dilaram" to "Nodir Kul" showcases his captivating compositions, maintaining a spellbinding connection with fans throughout his role as the program coordinator for the popular franchise.



The musician believes that music has its own language and that its uniqueness resides in the art of touching people's hearts and making it memorable. And thus, Arnob continues to thrive to create something original for his fans.  

Recently, Arnob interacted with the media about his upcoming album, and more.

Why do you think space is an essential part for an artiste?

I believe providing space to both artists and musicians is crucial for them to express themselves over time. For instance, "Nodir Kul" didn't just showcase the collaboration of two singers, but also highlighted the synergy between a singer and a musician. It's essential to acknowledge the significance of allowing musicians to articulate their thoughts through their instruments. Granting space to individuals enables them to flourish and craft something truly brilliant.

What's your take on AR Rahman's rendition of 'Karar Oi Louho Kabat' ?

In my personal opinion, he didn't necessarily need to compose this song. However, by doing so, he brought our language and literature to the world, which is a significant achievement. Perhaps his creative genius didn't resonate with the Bengali audience. This tendency is common among creative minds, as they often aim to present a song in their distinctive styles. 

When will we get to see your new album?

I'm in the final stages of completing my album, which features lyrics from my favorite poets that deeply resonate with me. Currently, I've recorded around 8-10 songs, and I'm eager to release it soon.

When will Coke Studio Bangla season 3 release next year?

We aim to launch the next season around mid-March or April. After completing Season 2, we were occupied with concerts. Now, as we gear up to commence work on it, we have approximately three months. Every time we dive into this project, we feel overwhelmed by the pressure, knowing that people are always ready to scrutinise our efforts.

How do you take in all of the criticism?

At first, accepting criticism was challenging for me, but over time, I've come to realize the importance of learning from it. I make an effort to understand the reasons behind the critique and believe that constructive criticism is essential. It allows us to grasp the perspective of the listeners and improve our work accordingly.

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