Climate change blamed for increasing dengue, vector-borne diseases: Health Minister Zahid Maleque

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Published: 12/5/2023 5:20:56 AM

Health Minister Zahid Maleque today said climate change is responsible for the increase of dengue and other vector-borne
diseases in the world.

"The influential countries of the world, who are responsible for climate change . . . they must extend their cooperation to reduce the adverse impacts caused by climate change," he told at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28) in Dubai, an official release said today.
The conference observed a special 'Health Day' on December 3 (yesterday) with various programmes where senior officials of the health ministry participated on behalf of the government of Bangladesh.

At the meeting, Maleque said outbreak of dengue has increased alarmingly around the world including Bangladesh. Climate Change is blamed for the increasing vector-borne disease including dengue, he added.
The minister said influential countries cannot avoid their contribution for increasing global warming and they must extend their cooperation to reduce emission of greenhouse gas to avert negative impact of climate change.

At a round table on the "Launch of Asian Development Bank-led Climate and Health Initiatives" the health minister highlighted the challenges of Bangladesh in the health sector due to climate change.

He also highlighted the current government's initiatives to deal with various challenges caused by climate change.

"As the prevalence of certain diseases has increased, we have to spend more to manage these diseases. Hospital beds are filled with dengue patients. As a result, other patients are being deprived of normal healthcare," Maleque said.

The Bangladesh delegation attended another programme titled 'Climate Health Ministerial' where Zahid Maleque called on the developed countries to support Bangladesh and other countries that are suffering more because of climate change.

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