Returning Officer Shamim Ahmed rejected Mahiya Mahi's nomination paper today (3 December) due to allegations of fraudulent votes (fake signatures).

‘No use trying to deter me’: Mahiya Mahi looks to battle setback amid allegations

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Published: 12/4/2023 7:02:40 AM

In a dramatic turn of events, popular actress Mahiya Mahi, an independent candidate vying for the Rajshahi-1 (Tanore-Godagari) constituency, finds herself facing a challenging situation after the abrupt cancellation of her nomination letter.


The actress-turned-politician, who had submitted her nomination with great anticipation, learned today that she will not be receiving the coveted nomination due to an alleged error.

In a recent media interview, the actress, who had eagerly awaited news of her nomination, expressed her commitment to continue the political journey despite the unexpected hurdle.

Returning Officer Shamim Ahmed rejected Mahiya Mahi's nomination paper today (3 December) due to allegations of fraudulent votes (fake signatures).

"As an independent candidate, Mahiya Mahi's provided names and signatures of voters have not been verified accurately. Typically, the verification process involves checking 10 percent of a candidate's submitted voter signatures. In this case, the information for three individuals could not be confirmed," stated Shamin Ahmed.

In an immediate response to the nullification of her nomination, Mahi stated, "I heard that there is an issue with the signatures of the voters we collected in the electoral area. An allegation has arisen regarding this. It seems there is an accusation of forgery in those signatures. However, I have all the evidence that I did not commit forgery."

The actress passionately defended her position, emphasising the integrity of the signatures collected. "What kind of forgery is there in the signatures? We have collected them properly. The people in the area are showing a lot of interest in me. We have not manipulated any signatures. I have evidence for the authenticity of each signature," Mahi asserted during a media interview.

"Opponents may now wish that I refrain from participating in the upcoming election. I had urged all my supporters to sign, and in a short period, we collected over five thousand signatures. This is no small feat. The signatures of independent candidates are being made public."

Mahi continued, "This is not the end. I have decided to appeal again. Every time I tried to serve the people, I faced obstacles. However, success followed thereafter. There's no use trying to deter me. I believe the appellate division will consider this matter, and I will be able to participate in the election, In Sha Allah."

She further emphasised, "I do not want to speak against anyone on camera. I will continue to fight as long as there is an opportunity."

This recent setback follows Mahiya Mahi's participation in the 12th parliamentary elections earlier this year. Initially seeking candidacy under the Bangladesh Awami League for the Chapainawabganj-2 constituency, she faced disappointment when she did not receive the nomination from that constituency. Undeterred, Mahi later declared her candidacy as an independent in the Rajshahi-1 constituency.

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