Bidya Sinha Mim’s ‘Manush’ to release in Kolkata without her

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Published: 11/23/2023 11:36:27 AM

National Film Award-winning actress Bidya Sinha Mim's film, "Manush", is scheduled to be released on Friday in the theatres of Kolkata, India; however, the star will not be in attendance due to scheduling setbacks.


In the much-anticipated film "Manush", Mim shares the screen with the renowned Tollywood actor Jeet under the direction of Bangladeshi director Sanjoy Samaddar. 

Sharing her excitement about the project, the actress states, "The news of a new film releasing in Kolkata is delightful. A new film release means working on something new and exciting. I am eagerly looking forward to it."

"However, I will not be able to attend the screenings due to some scheduling difficulties. I was committed to attending an event in Le Méridien Dhaka, tomorrow, and unfortunately, the release date fell on the same date, so I would not be in attendance."

"I know that the people of Kolkata love me a lot, and I cannot wait to watch this movie with them. But I hope the director of the film, Sanjoy Samaddar, my fellow actors and the team would understand the setbacks and forgive me this time," said the actress.

"I think the audience would love this film, and it will do great at the box office," said Mim.

The story of "Manush" centres around the cruelty of human nature and the consequences of people losing their humanity. "The fantastic storyline will resonate well with the audience. I hope viewers go and watch the film," she told The Daily Star while denoting the plot of the movie.

Reflecting on her experience working with Jeet, Mim added, "I have previously worked with Jeet and had a great experience. Jeet is not only a talented actor but also a wonderful person."

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When probed about her upcoming projects, she disclosed, "I have received several scripts, and I am reading them. If I find something that resonates with me, I will take up the project."

Emphasising her preference for roles grounded in strong narratives, the actress remarked, "The story and characters take precedence for me. I always want to work in good, meaningful films."

Mim enjoyed a successful year with films like "Poran" and "Damal", which gained widespread acclaim and love from the audience. Adding to her recent successes, her latest film, "Antarjal", has also been released.

Beyond the silver screen, Mim captured attention for her role in a web series last year. She commented, "Audiences always appreciate good storytelling. The story of 'Mission Hunt Down' was compelling and well-received."

In her upcoming film, "Digante Fuler Agu", Mim takes on the role of Professor Panna Kaysar. The film, awaiting release, is part of a government-funded initiative in the cinema industry.

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