The 2021 Miss Universe Bangladesh runner-up is all set to grace the international stage at the 61st Miss International Beauty Pageant in Japan, starting October 26

The modelling industry in Bangladesh is among the safest for women: Ananna

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Published: 10/9/2023 7:10:43 AM

Farzana Yasmin Ananna shared a brief video on Facebook a few days prior to her departure for Japan. Sia's song "Unstoppable" played in the background while she wore a green and red saree, seemingly proudly covering herself in the Bangladeshi flag.


'Let's come together and show how amazing Bangladeshis are!' was the caption for the post. Upon speaking with the 2021 Miss Universe Bangladesh runner-up, it was evident that Ananna views her participation in the 61st Miss International Beauty Pageant, which takes place in Japan starting on October 26, as something more than just a platform for her modelling career. She also aspires to use her leadership abilities to represent her nation.

Nonetheless, Ananna didn't naturally gravitate towards modelling as a young child.

"I've always been a performer, frequently dancing at events held at my college and school. I enjoy being in the spotlight and having people stare at me. Thus, I suppose the desire to become a model or actress was always present, albeit dormant. However, I didn't actively pursue it," Ananna remarked.

She had zero experience in modelling or photoshoots before participating in Miss Universe Bangladesh. She was groomed for only a couple of months, like other amateur participants. She eventually stood as the first runner up, behind Tangia Zaman Methila.

Fast forward a couple of years, she is now the first ever representative from Bangladesh to compete in the Miss International Beauty Pageant, and believes her ideals and morals go hand in hand with the theme of Miss International.

A beauty pageant is not just about looking pretty while stylishly walking down the ramp. The nuances of the competition run much deeper. 

Beauty pageants are embracing the concept of going beyond physical appearance by highlighting the significance of societal and behavioural advocacy.

They encourage contestants to highlight causes that they care most about, as they use the platform for meaningful changes. Most of them root for issues of racial disparity, gender equality, and support for mental health issues.

Majoring in Women and Gender Studies at Dhaka University fueled Ananna's passion for advocacy as she engaged with social work during her undergraduate life.