Pori Moni has finalised her divorce from Sariful Razz, saying, "He should be jailed for the wrongs he has done to me."

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Published: 9/21/2023 6:50:11 AM

On Wednesday night, at around 10 p.m., Bangladeshi actress Pori Moni finally announced her divorce from actor Sariful Razz on social media.


"I have formally and amicably divorced from him. I'm also forgiving him in this way. But given what he's done to me, he ought to have been imprisoned," the post says. 

The post added, "I have given the horrible man a chance again and again. He had a chance with me every time because I never legally divorced him. I have been disrespected by him over and over again." 

Pori Moni further added that she has taken full custody of their son and will bear all his future expenses. 

The news of Pori Moni and Razz's divorce went viral yesterday (20 September) on social media and on local media outlets. 

Earlier it was reported that the couple were having problems in their marriage and had started living separately. However, a glimmer of hope appeared among the fans when they were photographed together on different occasions. 

The couple quietly got married on 17 October 2021 and had their first born "Rajya" on 10 August 2022.

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