Constant bickering with your significant other? Seven warnings that you're with the wrong person

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Published: 9/14/2023 5:29:15 AM

Ah, love, the legendary concoction that has inspired even mortals to write sonnets, engage in duels, and create embarrassing TikToks. And then there are relationships: that enigmatic journey we take on in the hopes of finding a hidden treasure trove of knowledge, but which sadly frequently ends in a Bermuda Triangle of incompatibilities. 

Stated differently, identifying the fundamental problems in a relationship is just as crucial as determining if it can be saved.

Don't share the same interest?

The alarm bells should be ringing louder than catfights in an alley if you're into binge-watching "Narcos" and your significant other is more inclined towards Kierkegaard's existential dilemmas. Now, don't get me wrong. Opposites attract, apparently. But what if the swing is between Barbie pink and Dexter red, it's better to seek greener pastures.

#Soulmate or #Cellmate?

Remember when you thought your love was written in the stars, only to find out you're actually reading the horoscope section wrong? Ah, classic! If your texts are always on 'delivered' but never on 'read,' or if your most intimate moment is when Google Calendar alerts both of you to pay rent, it might be time to review terms and conditions.

Sense of humour don't match?

Here's the rub. If you can't even share memes because your SO is still stuck in the age of sharing minion quotes on Facebook, you might have a problem bigger than trying to explain what a meme is. Your SO called your jokes bland or unsanitary, whereas the room reacted completely oppositely, which is a clear sign that you and your love are not on the same wavelength. Not having the same frequency of jokes is like trying to jam a VHS into a Netflix subscription. It's not only incompatible, but it's also a cultural crime!

The Ex Files: Previous partners haunting you still?

If your partner talks about their ex as if they're narrating an epic trilogy worthy of Peter Jackson's attention, consider this a red flag waving from the peak of Mount Doom. We get it, past is prologue, but you don't want to be the subplot in someone else's love saga.

Not having any emotional availability?

Here's a hint: if your beau is more responsive to Instagram stories than your emotional needs, swipe left. And for the love of all things sacred, don't do that thing where you say, "Oh, they're just not emotionally expressive." No, Shakib. They're just not that into you.

Keeping scores or keeping tabs?

If your relationship feels more like a Wimbledon final, where each one is keen on keeping score, you're not in a relationship — you're in a tournament. Love is not about tallying points or using Excel sheets to monitor who did what. If that's the case, consider drafting a "break-up agreement" rather than an "exclusive relationship" one.

The Golden Rule: Grow together or grow apart

The linchpin of any successful relationship is growth, and if the only thing growing is your mutual disdain for each other's habits, it's time to call it. If one of you is aiming for the stars while the other is content digging a hole to hide from life's responsibilities, Houston, we have a problem.

It's simple. Compatibility isn't about having the same orders at a restaurant; it's about blending two lives in a way that makes both feel like they've won the life lottery. If instead, you feel like you're perpetually stuck with a scratched lottery ticket, maybe it's time to change your game.

Be it through deep conversations or a trial-and-error of sorts, find out where you and your "better half" stand. And if you find you're standing on opposite cliffs screaming across a canyon, perhaps it's time to build a bridge or find a different route altogether.

Remember, love may be blind, but compatibility has 20/20 vision. Choose wisely!

Shining BD