You haven't seen anything like "Antarjal." : Sunerah

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Published: 9/12/2023 6:59:34 AM

In the entertainment industry, Sunerah Binte Kamal has grown in popularity. Later this month, her new film, "Antarjal," directed by Dipankar Dipon, is scheduled for release. After winning a National Award for her first film, "No Dorai," she went on to star in the short film "Moshari," which received numerous accolades from around the world.


The actress conducted a brief interview with The Daily Star.

About "Antarjal," how do you see your silver screen comeback?

The release date of "Antarjal" is September 22. I'm thrilled to be making a long-overdue comeback to the silver screen myself. I adore the emotions that my work gives me. For the audience, the movie will be a brand-new endeavor, and I can say the same about myself. Regarding it, I am really optimistic.

How did you personally like filming the country's first cyber-thriller?

The film is really beautiful, and it turned out to be much better than I expected. The director has told the story brilliantly. From the shooting of the movie to dubbing, the experience has been fantastic for me.

Your first film won you the National Award for Best Actress. Why did you wait this long to appear in a second film?

I was fortunate to get the National Award for my first film. "No Dorai" brought me luck. After that, the main reason for not actually doing another film was the Covid-19 pandemic. Once the pandemic came under control, "Antarjal" felt like the best script that I was offered. While filming, I wanted to focus completely on it so I didn't sign up for any other movie.

What can you tell us about appearing in a new project?

I'm currently in talks regarding returning with new work soon. I will be able to tell more once filming begins. I will return with good work. I am busy with "Antarjal" for now. When the time comes everything will be revealed about the new project. 

What can the audience expect from you in "Antarjal"?

In the film, I am a young woman of this generation. A very brave young woman. This is the age of the internet, and I will be seen in an unforeseen way in the film.

What do you have to say about your director and co-artistes?

My co-artistes are almost all my seniors. Everyone was very helpful, and they tried to make "Antarjal" a good movie. Dipankar Dipon constantly tries to bring innovative ideas on screen and he does the same for our film. DOP Masum bhai has done a great job. The whole team worked hard.

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