Barsha wiping off Ananta's sweat during a press conference goes viral

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Published: 7/19/2022 7:28:29 AM

There is a lot of discussion regarding Ananta Jalil and Barsha regarding their film "Din-The Day", which was allegedly made on a budget of BDT 100 crore.

However, the couple have also stayed in the limelight with controversial statements to the media, over the past few weeks.

However, they went viral yesterday due to a photo, which shows Barsha wiping off Ananta's sweat during a press conference.

Even amidst many controversies, the support that the duo have shown each other deserves admiration, especially when they defend each other from online trolls and bullying.

Ananta Jalil's much-hyped "Din-The Day" released in 107 halls this Eid. The Bangladesh-Iran co-production was directed by Morteza Atashzamzam.

While the exact box-office collection of the film remains unknown, the makers have claimed that it is successful.

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