Cristiano Ronaldo had Botox in his private parts?

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Published: 7/19/2022 7:22:09 AM

At 37, Manchester United's Cristiano Ronaldo still has an enviable physique, something that has garnered him his fair share of attention.

The former Real Madrid star has apparently adopted a new routine to maintain his eternal youth.

While most of the credit for physique can be attributed to his diet, workouts regimen and great genetics, touch-ups and new advances in surgery also allow him to keep his muscles healthy and young.

It is no secret that Ronaldo is a fan of cosmetic operations. Botox is undoubtedly the Portuguese's greatest ally: while his face has already undergone several treatments, it is not the only part of his body that has received a Botox injection.

According to La Razon, Ronaldo also had Botox injections in his private parts, more precisely in his penis.

The purpose of these injections is to increase the thickness of the penis by anywhere between one, two or three centimetres, and can last up to two years, is reversible and does not require stitches, although it is not a treatment that is guaranteed to work.

It increases both the satisfaction of the person getting the Botox and his partner, in this case Georgina Rodriguez.
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