My reputation has been damaged because of Razz : Tanjin Tisha

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Published: 6/1/2023 5:59:22 AM

In response to the 'viral video' scandal, in which private videos of Sariful Razz, Sunerah Binte Kamal, and her were leaked, Tanjin Tisha has at last spoken out. The actress made it known that she will be staying in America for a while in order to attend two events. She was unaware of events in Bangladesh due to the time difference and her hectic schedule.


The "Ei Shohore Keu Nei" actress shared her perspective on the contentious event in a lengthy Facebook status. 

"First off, I want to say how awful this entire incident is. The videos that were uploaded are private and were made for amusement between friends. I don't really want to explain anything about these videos, which were shot about 6-7 years ago. Each of us has a personal life of our own. No one has the authority to evaluate how I live. I'm asking my followers not to judge me based on a few previous videos from six years ago. It is entirely thanks to my fans that I have been successful. However, I kindly ask everyone to keep my personal life and my acting career separate. I apologize if my private videos offended you, the actress said.

The actress also spoke out against the negative headlines that have been published about her in various media outlets, newspapers, and online portals.

"The headlines 'Sariful Razz and Tanjin Tisha's private video leaked' really disgust me. I really want to know where in the video you can spot Razz. It only captured my private moments and lacked any explicit or intimate content. The actress continued, "So please don't use the phrase 'private or secret video leak' regarding me because it's extremely offensive and disrespectful.

The small-screen actress claims that sharing someone else's private videos without their consent is a serious crime and that doing so violates their right to privacy.

"I'll file a lawsuit against the individual who posted my video on their ID. I think the audience can infer who might have uploaded it fairly easily. I don't want to say anything at this time because I will act in accordance with the laws currently in effect in our nation. The actress said, "I think our legal system will expose the real offender who tried to tarnish my reputation.

Sariful Razz, on the other hand, wrote a lengthy status in which he denounced the videos' leak. Tanjin Tisha wasn't pleased with the apology post, though, and she criticized the actor for not thoroughly looking for the real offender and acting casually about the whole thing. 
What's the point of now expressing your sorrow over the entire situation, I ask.  Some of us girls have had our reputations damaged solely because of you. People are now considering their personal and professional lives. In front of their families, they are being humiliated. All of these videos had such absurd captions that they turned the entire friendly interaction into something outrageous. Do you not believe that you are to blame for this? It was you who claimed that your ID had been compromised. What actions are you taking on your end? Why don't you pursue legal action? Why don't you look for the true brains behind this? Nevertheless, as soon as I return to the nation, I will act. I had sincerely hoped that you would have accepted responsibility for the entire situation, but sadly, you didn't, the actress said. 

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