It was his'maturity' that really captivated me. Bubly on Shakib Khan

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Published: 5/28/2023 7:01:04 AM

Bubly and Shakib Khan may not ever appear together on screen again, but there was a time when this super-popular couple was madly in love. The'mature' Shakib won Bubly over, and the superstar found solace in her company.

Bubly talked about the moment she fell in love with Shakib Khan during an interview with a local channel.

He was initially my co-star, but as he grew older and showed more concern for me, I found myself becoming fascinated by him. He was really serious about me; I was the center of his universe. I was determined to claim him as mine at that precise moment, the actress recalled.

The actress, however, advised her friends not to fall in love while she was still in college because she was adamantly opposed to "love."

"At that time, I wasn't even permitted to speak to men, much less be involved with one. Boys wouldn't look at me because my mother used to pick me up and drop me off at school, the actress added. 
The Shakib Khan and Bubly-starring film "Leader Amie Bangladesh" did well in theaters over the previous Eid holiday. The two will, however, be competing against one another this Eid-Ul-Azha as Shakib Khan's "Priyotoma" is said to be a strong opponent for Bubly's "Prohelika."

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