An AI tool similar to Midjourney has been added by Adobe to Photoshop.

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Published: 5/25/2023 4:41:59 AM
Photoshop has been integrated with AI tools. Image: Zarif Faiaz/Tech & Startup

Photoshop has been integrated with AI tools. Image: Zarif Faiaz/Tech & Startup

The development of generative artificial intelligence (AI) into the Photoshop program was announced by Adobe, a leading software company known for its Photoshop application. By enabling users to create images from straightforward text prompts, similar to AI image creation technologies like Midjourney and DALL-E, this advancement aims to make Photoshop more approachable for untrained users.

Photoshop is praised for its powerful tools, which can be used for both graphic design and photo editing. However, mastering its complex functionalities frequently required a high level of expertise and training. By making the process of creating images simpler with generative AI, Adobe is revolutionizing the creative industry.

In a demonstration for NBC News, Maria Yap, vice president of digital imaging at Adobe, skillfully inserted a dog's image into a wide-ranging background using just the four words "spring trees with sunshine." The time-saving potential of AI-assisted editing was demonstrated by the fact that what once required hours of editing was now completed in a matter of minutes.

Although the addition of generative AI to Photoshop opens up intriguing possibilities, worries have been raised about its possible effects on the labor market. The term "generative AI," which refers to AI that can produce text, images, and video, has sparked debates about job displacement and changes in a variety of industries.

Adobe is adding security measures along with the new version of Photoshop to allay these worries. The free, open-source tool Content Credentials, which enables creators to attach metadata labels to confirm whether an image has been altered by AI, is one noteworthy addition. This initiative is in line with the larger Content Authenticity Initiative (CAI), a group of over 1,000 businesses led by Adobe that was formed in 2019 with the goal of promoting transparency and trust in online images and videos. Microsoft, Stability AI, Synthesia, and other top tech and AI firms are CAI members.

Additionally, Adobe is actively addressing the moral and legal concerns brought up by artists. The company aims to prevent unauthorized use of artists' work by only allowing licensed stock imagery to be used to train its AI. Additionally, Adobe intends to pay creators whose work is used to train its AI. Because their AI models are trained on unlicensed internet images, some AI art companies that have come under fire and legal action for allegedly appropriating the works of other artists without their consent are not using the same strategy as Adobe.

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