PM for ensuring sustainable export growth, exploring new markets

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Published: 3/20/2023 7:23:26 AM

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today asked all concerned to find a way out to ensure sustainable export growth and explore new global markets for Bangladeshi goods in the context of Ukraine war.

"Steps will have to be taken to achieve sustainable export growth after analysing situation steamed from the global economic recession due to the war in Ukraine," she told the 11th meeting regarding export at her official Ganabhaban residence here. 
The prime minister also asked all concerned to diversify the export items and explore new markets for those alongside revitalising the local markets. 
"A new scope has been created globally to explore new markets for Bangladeshi items due to enhanced demands for goods because of the war in Ukraine. We have to grasp the markets," she said. 
The premier also called for formulating a new export policy for another four or five years by revising, changing and improving the existing one going to expire by 2024. 

She said the new export policy should be adopted by analyzing the ongoing global economic recession, sanctions, counter-sanctions for the war and the challenges and scopes possibly to be created in Bangladesh after the graduation from the LDC by 2026. 

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