Shine steals the show once again, this time at the 65th Grammy Awards 2023

Shimmer Sparkled The Brightest On Harry Styles, Taylor Swift And More On The Grammy Red Carpet

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Published: 2/7/2023 5:39:25 AM

When there's a celebrity function with a red carpet being rolled out, you can rest assured that shimmer will be attending the function in some shape or form too. So for the 65th Grammy Awards 2023, that turned out to be the case as well. While the function celebrated the best in musical achievement over the past year, it did the same for shine too. Hollywood A-listers, celebrities and musicians from all spheres decided to give shimmer their own spin at the Grammy's. Here's a look at the ones who stole the show for us.

First up, there was Taylor Swift in a long sleeve crop top and mermaid-style maxi skirt combo, which is reminiscent of a Westernised lehenga. The gorgeous navy blue two-piece ensemble featured glitter in silver spiral patterns which she paired with dangling earrings, a blue manicure and red lip.

Taylor Swift



Surprisingly, Harry Styles too upped the sequin quotient with his performance garb. He wore an entirely fringe silver jumpsuit which he paired with silver sneakers, as per usual grabbing our attention and not letting it go.

Photo Credit: AFP


Like Taylor, Jennifer too picked deep blue. Hers came in the form of a sheer dress with a flowing form which showcased a bodysuit underneath and a layer of white rhinestones draped from her shoulders over it. Matching it to perfection was her diamond-heavy draped necklace.

Photo Credit: AFP

Turning the red carpet into a ramp was the lovely Heidi Klum, who picked a gold and black printed gown with glistening gold chains accenting the gown to perfection. We love the gold wrist stack that went with it.

Photo Credit: AFP

Mary J Blige picked a black halter dress with a high slit that was embellished with stones. Matching it were black boots also featuring stone work.

Shining BD