Health benefits of drinking mint water in all seasons

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Published: 7/3/2022 8:24:59 AM

One of the common kitchen ingredients that we should be using more frequently in our curries, chutneys, juices and teas is mint leaves or pudina. However, the easiest way to add it to your diet is boiling some mint leaves in water and having the concoction at your desired temperature throughout the day. Considering its refreshing and cooling effect, it could be a healthy replacement to caffeinated drinks and beverages that may have side-effects on your health when consumed in excess.

An ancient herb that has been used for thousands of years for both culinary and medicinal purposes, mint keeps unhealthy cravings at bay, helps you lose weight, maintains electrolyte balance, regulates body temperature and maintains your energy levels throughout the day. It is also the easiest way to stay hydrated in all seasons and not just summer. Many people do not like to have plain water; with its flavour and refreshing properties, mint water could help wonderfully in hydration.

Ayurveda expert Dr Dixa Bhavsar in her recent Instagram post says one should drink enough water in all seasons for better digestion, absorption and excretion.

Elaborating on the many benefits of optimum water consumption, Dr Bhavsar says good hydration keeps your skin supple and delays ageing while also improving the absorption of nutrition in the gut.

Mint water prevents and treats constipation, regulates body temperature, maintains electrolyte balance, optimises natural detox, maintains blood pressure and keeps you energetic throughout the day.

"Mint also helps you improve your mood. Sipping on mint tea/water at night helps you have sound sleep and reduces the overthinking (by calming your mind)," adds the Ayurveda expert.

Here are benefits of having mint water in all seasons

Benefits of mint water in summer season

Dr Bhavsar says while in summers, one may be tempted to drink cold, caffeinated drinks to beat the heat, one should instead have mint water to stay naturally cool and craving for unhealthy drinks and satiating your thirst.

Benefits of mint water in winter

During winters, one doesn't feel too thirsty. Mint water can come to your rescue due to its refreshing taste. The Ayurveda expert says sipping on hot mint water especially helps one digest and metabolise the excess food during cold season due to natural increase in appetite.

Benefits of mint water in monsoon

During rains many of us don't feel like drinking water, but mint water at warm temperature can be sipped throughout the day to hydrate yourself well and keep seasonal cough and cold at bay, as per Dr Bhavsar.

Mint water is especially beneficial for people with IBS, acne, hormonal imbalance, bloating, cough and cold, constipation, obesity and more.

"So, if you don't remember drinking enough water every day, start sipping on this wonderful mint water and see its positive effects soon in your body," concludes Dr Dixa Bhavsar.
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