Fazilat Of First 10 Day of Zil Hajj In Islam

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Published: 6/30/2022 6:11:55 AM

EId-al-Adha (Bakri-Eid), which is also known as Eid al-Adha or Id-UL-Adha, is a festival that many Muslims celebrate with special prayers, greetings and gifts. It is a gazetted holiday in India and is also referred to as the festival of sacrifice.

There are clear references in the Holy Quran and Hadith about the virtues of this month. And then -

> First two verse in Surah Fazar Allah says; " By the dawn. And [by] ten nights".

In the Tafsir Ibn Qasir, it is said that the 10 nights of the oath are stated in the first 10 days of Zilhaj month.

> In verse 20 of Surah Hajj, Allah Ta'ala says, "They should remember Allah on certain days."

Regarding the purpose of the remembrance of Allah on certain days in this verse, the famous commentator and apostolic delegate Hazrat Abdullah Bin Abbas Radiallahu Anhu said, "(The purpose of these specific days) is the first ten days of the month of Zilhaj."

> The first 10 days of Zilhajj month is more honorable than the jihad of the first 10 days of the month. Hadith has come -

Hazrat Ibne Abbas Radiallahu Anhu narrates that the Prophet (SA) has said no sacred is better than those days ( first 10 days of Zilhajj month). Then his delegate asked, not even Jihad?  He said, "not even Jihad, but the person who came out with his doubts and wealth, then came back with nothing". (Bukhari)

> The first 10 days of Zilhajj month Allah beloved most. Hadith has come-

Hazrat Ibne Omar Radiallahu  Anhu narrates that, "Hazrat Muhammad (SA) said, No day is dear to Allah, nor to be practiced in it, compared to these ten days." So read more Tahleel, Takbir and Tahmid in it (first 10 days of Zilhaj month)”. (Tabarani).

In the light of the Quran and Hadith, Olamikeramgan devoted himself to Allah by prayer for the first 10 days of Zilhajj. The greatest has also given evidence.

> Hazrat Sayed Ibne Jubair (RHM) dedicated himself to the first 10 days for the month of Zilhajj. As the beloved Prophet (SA) has devoted himself like the days.

Hazrat Ibne Abbas (RA) narrates that, 'when Zilhajj month entered, he used to Mujahada so much, that he would lose his power'.(Darimi) 

> Hazrat Ibne Hazar Askalani (RHM) said, it is clear that for the first 10 days of Zilhajj, all kinds of prayer get combine. That is Salat, Roja, Sadka & Hajj. It has not come together at another time.

First, 10 days of the month of Zilhajj is very respectful and dignified as like of the last 10 days Holy Ramadan. In this time who devoted himself, Allah also dignifies them.

The Muslim Ummah should get more reward and grace by doing 'Roja' for the first 10 days of the month of Zilhaj. To free ourselves from the sins of the past. Achieve closeness and fear of Allah. 


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