Pori Moni accuses Razz of abusing her

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Published: 1/2/2023 6:27:23 AM

Pori Moni is yet again making headlines for the last two days. Out of the blue on New Year’s Eve, Pori Moni announced that she has severed all ties with actor husband Shariful Razz. So she’ll send over the divorce letter.

Although she didn’t share any details about why the sudden deterioration of their relationship, she wants to label her relationship with Razz as toxic.

Razz is the father of her child Rajya, so she doesn’t want to wash the dirty linens in public, Pori Moni added.

Pori Moni shared a post on Facebook Sunday afternoon writing, “Razz isn’t just my ex, he is the father of my son. So, for the sake of Rajya’s father’s image, I’m not saying anything further in public.”


Pori Moni

Pori MoniFacebook

“But, I’ll be forced to take stern decision, in case he or his family tries any toxic behaviour or anything harmful on me,” she added.

Pori Moni wrote on Facebook, “If a woman isn’t absolutely serious in a relationship or doesn’t wish wholeheartedly, she can never take such a huge decision like having a baby. Just when I was trying my best to save this relationship, I was taken for granted.”

“As if the tendency that I adjust with everything in the end after even a million times of doing whatever he wants, turned into the perfect relationship formula. I can say this with conviction that this relationship had been surviving till now with just my efforts,” she continued.

At the time she accused Razz of physical abuse as well.

Shariful Razz and Porimoni

Shariful Razz and Porimoni

About the accusations, Razz was tried to contact several times for his comment, but there was no response. His phone was found switched off.

Earlier Razz talked to Prothom Alo once on Sunday noon. He said, “I wish to comment nothing on these issues. I know nothing of what’s going on, neither do I have any wish to find that out. I’m at home. I didn’t sleep all night. Now I’m sleeping, rather trying to sleep.”

Pori Moni said, “I let go of everything again and again, thinking of Rajya (Pori Moni and Razz’s son). I stay back to fix everything up. Will that actually give my child a better life! No. He (Rajya) cannot grow up seeing such a toxic relationship from this close up. So, I separated for the sake of Rajya and Razz.”

Pori Moni posted two bloodied photographs on Facebook Sunday morning. Patches of blood stains can be noticed on the bed sheet and pillows there.

She wrote, “Happy New Year. Press conference loading…” The images went viral on Social media since Sunday morning. Everyone questioned, what’s happened to Pori Moni? Why she wants to hold a press conference. Despite repeated attempts, it wasn’t possible to talk to her over the phone.

However, about her press conference she said on her Facebook handle, “Respected journalists out there, hopefully, you’ll understand my mental condition. Give me some time. I’m physically exhausted as well. Rajya couldn’t grow up with his parents being together, what could be more devastating to me than this...!”

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