Parted ways today, will send divorce letter soon: Pori Moni

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Published: 1/1/2023 9:25:45 AM

Silver screen actress Pori Moni has announced the end of her marital relations with actor Sariful Razz, though it hasn't even been a year since they officially tied the knot. 

Pori Moni took to her facebook handle to disclose the issue Friday midnight. She stated that she had left Razz’s place, but remained ambiguous about their formal separation.

It was learnt that Pori Moni left Razz’s place along with their son Rajya around 8:30 pm.



The actress, at 12:40 am on Saturday, wrote in the facebook post, “Happy thirty first everyone! Today I gave Razz a break from my life and also freed myself from a sick relationship. There is nothing more important in life than living a healthy life.”

However, Pori Moni wrote nothing about her formal separation with Razz.

When asked over the facebook post, she told Prothom Alo over the phone that no separation has been done yet. “I broke the relationship and came out of Razz's residence. We parted ways today. I will send the divorce letter soon.”


Sariful Razz


Pori Moni explained the issue further, saying that they had been facing problems for quite some time. She tried to maintain a relationship considering the issue of their child, but it did not work out.

“I’m not in a good state of mind. I cannot say anything more,” she added.

Razz and Pori Moni have a four-month-old child. Their relationship came to the fore on 10 January and they formally tied the knot on 22 January.


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