PM says none would be allowed to play with people's fate

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Published: 12/27/2022 4:12:01 AM

Prime Minister and Awami League President Sheikh Hasina on Monday said the only goal of her party is to ensure that none can play ducks and drakes with the fate of the people of Bangladesh.

"Our only goal is that no one can play ducks and drakes with the fate of the people of this country," she said.

The Premier said this while addressing the first meeting of the newly elected Presidium of Awami League (AL) at her official residence Ganabhaban this evening following the party's 22nd council on December 24.

Mentioning that people of Bangladesh have suffered a lot and they won't have to suffer any more in future, she said, "Our only goal is that people of the country would get a beautiful, developed and prosperous life and we want to do it."

AL's council has been done and the remaining part of the committee will be filled up as per the party's constitution, she said, adding that "this organization (AL) is our big strength and we have to keep it in our mind."

Sheikh Hasina, who reelected as AL President for the 10th consecutive time, said that "If the organization (AL) remains strong, we will be able to earn people's confidence and trust. Then, it will not be a tough job to run a government and carry out development of the country."  

She continued "It is the reality and we will continue our work with this reality."  

 "Our goal is to build 'Smart Bangladesh' by 2041," Sheikh Hasina said, referring to the fact that Bangladesh has become a digitized country.

"In the smart Bangladesh, the entire people will be smart people, e-people. We want to do it," she said, adding, "We will pull Bangladesh ahead using digital devices."  

She said Bangladesh will be ahead and it is the reality.

Highlighting the development of the country during the tenure of Awami League government, the Prime Minister said that they have launched satellites and entered into the satellite era, while the Metrorail, which is an electric train, would be opened on December 28. "But, this would not have happened if Awami League was not in power."

Mentioning that today a tunnel under the Karnaphuli River is being constructed; she said the biggest one is the Padma Bridge which is a big challenge for the government.

"We took that challenge and announced that we would do it with our own finance. We've done the construction of Padma Bridge with our own finance. We didn't take money from anyone, we have achieved that ability," she added.

Referring to the Covid-19 pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine war, Sheikh Hasina said, "If these shocks would not have come at the international level, we could have progressed much further in Bangladesh today."

Sheikh Hasina said that what the Bangalee nation has got so far, which has been received from the Awami League.

She said Bangladesh didn't move forward a single step even after the 1975 to 1996, adding that Bangladesh's people were remained repressed and deprived as they had no voting rights, no food, no clothes, no education, no medical treatment and no development of roads and others.

She went on the country witnessed distortion of history including banning of historical 7 March Speech and name of Bangabandhu and the country was run in a mysterious way.

"The people of the country have been able to know the real history of Bangladesh and War of Liberation when Awami League assumed power," she said, adding, "Joy Bangla slogan has returned today and the 7 March Speech of Bangabandhu, which was banned during the tenure of Ziaur Rahman and other governments, has been declared as the part of world heritage of UNESCO."

She continued that "All were confined in the darkness and AL has brought them into light."

The head of government said that the development of the country, which has been materialized so far, has been attained with the hand of AL during 1996 to 2001 and since 2009 to till 2022.

"Today, we've achieved the status of developing nation and we have to go ahead further. We are moving ahead with that plan," she said.

She also mentioned that they are providing land and houses to the homeless people and will give to everyone. "None will remain homeless in the country."

The Prime Minister said five fundamental rights - - food, clothes, house, education and medical treatment, which has been mentioned in the Constitution, has been ensured by the government and it is taking more measures to ensure a developed life for the people.

"Now, the world sees Bangladesh with dignity and Bangalees receive respect wherever they go and it has been possible due to AL," she added.



Source: BSS 

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