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Published: 12/15/2022 6:41:40 AM

Mithila is having the time of her life as she recently received two major accolades at the Telangana Bengali Film Festival. One was for her contribution to Bangla cinema on both sides of the border, the Maitree award, and another for her supporting role in "Maya".

In a candid conversation with The Daily Star, the actress talked about her experience in the film festival, and other recent ventures. 

How does it feel to receive such prestigious international awards? 

I am feeling extremely delighted. "Maya" was screened at the festival. I just went there to watch the film with everyone, and didn't think that I would get an award for it. I am happy that I got two awards in India.  

How was your experience attending the festival?

I never watched any of my films in theatres. When "Omanush" was released in Bangladesh, I couldn't watch the film, because I was abroad for work. At this festival, for the first time, I got the chance to watch my film with all the judges and talented actors. People of other languages, including Telegu people, appreciated our film. It was overall a wonderful experience for me. I think, attending the festival as an actress in the film "Maya" was my main purpose.  

"Maya" has not been released yet, right? 

No, now the film is visiting different film festivals and is admired by critics and audiences. We plan to release the film in February.  

What are your plans for film career? 

I want to do versatile and different characters which will allow me to test myself as an actor. I don't want to work on a lot of projects. I just want to work selectively. 

Is it possible to evaluate yourself as an actress?

It's really tough to judge yourself. I don't think any artistes can do it. Only film critics and audiences have the right to do so. 

What are your recent ventures in Kolkata? 

Everything is in the pipeline. I will inform everyone when everything is final. 



Source: The Daily Star 

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