Giorgia Andriani talks about her career in Bollywood; admits she wants to become “a director”

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Published: 11/28/2022 6:21:50 AM

After making a brief cameo appearance in Guest In London, and marking her digital debut with Karoline Kamakshi, Italian model-actress Giorgia Andriani often grabs the attention for her stunning outfits. Though she has not done any big-screen project or a music video in 2022, media reports often speculate about her upcoming project.

Recently, during a conversation with Bollywood Hungama, Andriani gave clarity on the matter and revealed what are her plans for the future. When asked to shed some light on her plans, she asserted, “I just know that for now, I feel like doing music videos because in just a few minutes you have the opportunity to connect with people.”

Elaborating further, she added, “A film is three hours long and it communicates a lot and there's definitely so many chances to connect. However, in a three-minute music video, you still have that opportunity because there's still one story and there are still lyrics that people relate to so for now because it's the beginning of my career I am loving what I'm doing, music videos, for now, is my plan.”

She also asserted, “Life has its own intelligence. I think you can kind of know where you want to go but then it's up to destiny I think so for now I'm just polishing myself.” She also admitted that the plan of being a director is still on along with trying her hand in script writing as well. She concluded by saying, “that (being a director) is still on. However, for now, it's just on a standstill; I will see in the future. I want to be ready for that as well so that will take time.”


Source: Bollywood Hungama 

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