Japanese Rock Band RADWIMPS: It’s important to do work that you can point to and say ‘this is mine’

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Published: 11/27/2022 6:25:39 AM
Japanese Rock Band RADWIMPS virtually performed in India for the first time

Japanese Rock Band RADWIMPS virtually performed in India for the first time

Members of RADWIMPS talk about how technology has made things easy in terms of creating music and sharing it with the world. Japanese Rock band RADWIMPS recently had the live screening of their concert in India for the first time and they feel absolutely “honoured” with this opportunity to connect with fans here. “This was the first screening of our live footage in the world, so it was a big deal for us as well. As for the plans to come to the country to play our music, we would say there are no dates set, but it would be a pleasure to do so someday,” say the band members.


Glad to see how technology has changed the entire scene of rock music across the globe, the band feels the situation now is much easier for people trying to make a career in this field.

“With computers, it’s easy to create music today. Almost everyone can learn and do it. What adds to the ease is the internet that offers the freedom as well as several ways to share the music. You never know where a trend starts, or how something goes viral. And that just increases the chances of becoming successful,” says Yojiro, a member of the group.

However, another member, Yusuke, points out that “staying original” becomes extremely challenging amid the growing competition. He explains, “It’s very easy to create music on your own and share it with the world as there are so many outlets. But because of that, it becomes challenging to stay original. Since we’re exposed to so much work, intentionally or unintentionally, it might start reflecting in the music we produce as well. That’s why it’s extremely important to be careful while getting inspired by what’s out there, but not letting your music become another copy of it. Moreover, it’s essential to do work that you can point to proudly and say ‘this is mine’ and not taken from someone,” shares Yusuke.

At a time when there is so much rock music being produced, the band members feel the key to staying relevant is “constant studying about the art”. Elaborating on this, Yojiro adds, “One should be on the lookout for interesting and fun sounds, and for that, one has to constantly study and work at music and not just have fun with it. When you find the music you like, don’t be a follower. Be original and inspired. Imagine yourself in 10 years from now, and picture people singing along to your music. Imagine it connecting with people. That’s an important vision to have as a musician.”

Ask them what they’ve have been listening to lately that inspires them, band member Kuwa tells us, “To help with inspiration, instead of listening to rock music, I’ve been trying to listen to more track-oriented music, like hip-hop. I’m not familiar with it, so trying to learn more. Also, I’ve been listening to the new album “Charlie” by Charlie Puth a lot recently.”

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