PDB wants to raise the cost of electricity for consumers

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Published: 11/24/2022 7:18:11 AM
A high voltage power lineFile photo

A high voltage power lineFile photo

The Power Development Board (PDB) has proposed to increase the price of electricity at retail level within two days of increasing the tariff at the bulk level. The organisation has proposed an average price increase of 19.44 per cent.

Earlier, Bangladesh Energy Regulatory Commission (BERC) increased the power tariff at the bulk level by 19.92 per cent on Monday. BERC said retail prices will not be affected at the time. Then PDB was the first to submit the request for increase price in the retail level.

BERC sources confirmed that two of the remaining five distribution companies submitted their proposals on Thursday morning. According to the organisation the remaining three may also submit their application by this afternoon.

PDB has proposed to increase the price of electricity by an average of Tk 1.47 per unit. And the price has increased in the bulk level by Tk 1.03 per unit.

The rest of the distribution companies are also set to submit the price hike proposals. All are likely to apply for an average increase of around 20 per cent.

BERC chairman Abdul Jalil told Prothom Alo that three proposals have been submitted to the commission's application receiving branch. However, no proposal has reached his office as yet.

He further said a decision would be made following the existing rules after receiving applications from all distribution agencies.

BERC officials say that the commission will take the matter into cognisance if all the information and attached documents are correct. A technical assessment committee will then be constituted. After filing the committee report, a public hearing will be held with all the parties. Then the BERC will receive explanation or response after the public hearing. Then the commission will issue its order. It may take at least one to one and a half months.

BERC, the regulatory body for the sector, increased the price of electricity at the bulk level. Taking into consideration the government's subsidy of Tk 170 billion, the price has been increased by an average of 19.92 per cent this time. The price of electricity per unit has increased from Tk 5.17 to now Tk 6.2. It will be effective from December.

Before this, electricity prices have increased nine times in the last 14 years. At this time, electricity prices increased by 118 per cent at the bulk level and 90 per cent at the consumer level.

The last price hike was in February 2020, which took effect from March of that year. At that time, the price was increased by 8.39 per cent at the bulk level. At the same time, prices at the retail level were increased by 5.3 per cent.


Source: ProthomAlo English 

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