Awami League (AL) never forgets the contribution of the freedom fighters: PM

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Published: 11/22/2022 4:21:03 AM

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today said Awami League (AL) never forgets the contribution of the freedom fighters, adding her government is building the country with the spirit and ideology of the War of Liberation.

 "We never forget the contribution of the freedom fighters (FFs). And that is why we've taken initiative to build Bangladesh with the spirit and ideology of the War of Liberation," she said.
 The premier said this while addressing a reception accorded to the gallantry award winning freedom fighters of the armed forces and their heirs, marking the Armed Forces Day-2022 at Dhaka Cantonment.
 She said they are searching out the FFs who are in negligence and are taking all out measures to ensure their facilities such as FF allowance.
 "It's our duty to work for those who had taken arms in their hands in reply to the clarion call of my father Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman to make the country independent," she added.
 She continued that there might be different ideologies among the FFs, "but we didn't look down on their contribution and didn't show any negligence to them".
 The head of government said, "We will remember your (FFs) contribution forever. We are working to preserve the memories of the War of Liberation".

 She added that if the young generation knows the history of victory by seeing the memories of the War of Liberation, they will be inspired and will try to know how to work for the nation.
 She also said the government is establishing Muktijoddha Complex in each Upazila and has also taken measures to preserve the historic Suhrawardy Udyan where the Father of the Nation had given historic March 7 speech, delivered directives to govern the country after the independence and where Pakistani occupation forces surrendered.
 "So, any one will never disrespect the FFs. None will see the FFs and their families in the eyes of negligence in future," the premier added.
 She also mentioned that her government has increased the allowance for FFs and it will continue from generation to generation.

 The prime minister said Bangladesh has witnessed huge development and prosperity as the AL has been in power for the last 14 years in a row.
 "We have to advance more as a developing country and take the country forward into a developed one. And I've formulated that plan. We've formulated Vision-2041 and Delta Plan-2100 for the future generations," she said.
 Sheikh Hasina said that as the victorious nation people of the country will roam around the world with their heads ever high. "And we have achieved that. But, we have to advance more in the coming days," she said.
 She also said the government is constructing houses for the homeless people to give them scope for changing their lives and fate.
 "We are trying tirelessly. Now at least we can say that the people of the world will not see Bangladeshis in a neglected way," she added.
 The premier said as a party the AL and the government never forget the contributions of the freedom fighters.
 She added, "And that is why we have taken steps to build Bangladesh in line with the spirit of the Liberation War."
 She said the country has to move further, creating its solid base so that it could step into the developed country from the developing one. "We are working for that aim," she said.
 Sheikh Hasina said COVID-19 pandemic, Russia-Ukraine war, sanction and counter sanction has put Bangladesh in deep trouble along with the world and the prices of essentials have increased.
 In this connection, she said that Bangladesh has to procure items like edible oil, fuel oil, wheat, corn, lentil etc. from abroad.
 She mentioned that, "The transportation cost has increased, so we are facing problems. But we are not sitting idle. I've already urged all not to leave one inch of land uncultivated to ease the sufferings of the people and avert the economic recession."
 The prime minister said the government is taking appropriate steps to overcome the problems arisen from the war, for which, the whole world is suffering a lot.
 Briefly describing various measures for the freedom fighters and their families, she said that no one will never ever look at them with an attitude of dishonor and negligence.




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