Britney Spears reveals she suffers from incurable nerve damage: “It stings and it’s scary”

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Published: 11/9/2022 6:19:11 AM

Hollywood popstar Britney Spears took to social media to talk about the health issues she has been experiencing.

The 40-year-old popstar took to Instagram to reveal that she has nerve damage on the right side of her body. Sharing a video clip of her dancing, Spears shared a long note explaining her pain and how dancing helps alleviate the symptoms. "I'm dancing in time now Victoria ... yes ... nerve damage on the right side of my body ... there's no cure except God I guess ... nerve damage is caused sometimes when you don't get enough oxygen to your brain ... your brain literally shuts down.”

Britney Spears reveals she suffers from incurable nerve damage: “It stings and it’s scary”

Talking about the pain she experiences at times, she wrote, “Nerve damage causes parts of your body to go numb. Nerves are tiny and it feels like pins and needles from the right side of my body it shoots up to my neck and the part that hurts the worst is my temple on my head… it stings and it’s scary… the last 3 years since I got out of that place, I’ve been in a mild unconscious state… I couldn’t face it. It was like it was too scary to be here… although my Instagram has not been up to par to most.”

She further wrote, “hey hey hey it gave me existence and got me here… it’s funny though when I dance I don’t feel the pain… it’s like my mind literally goes to a place of my inner child. And although I don’t move like I use to… I truly believe my faith in it gave me strength… by the grace of God I finally found a medication where I actually feel oxygen going to my brain and through my neck, my eyes are more open now and I can hold my head up correctly.”

“I’ve done a good job trying to pull it off. Either way I’m getting a lot better, I can breathe… I feel smarter because well, Jesus I can breathe now… either way, I’m breathing now and I can dance in time, Victoria… I send all my love to every single one of you… this is me this morning. I’m gonna vacuum now,” Spears concluded her note.

The post comes weeks after the Spears wrote on social media that she was “traumatized for life” following her 13-year conservatorship and was unlikely to be able to perform live shows again. As per a report by Independent, in an Instagram post which she subsequently deleted, Spears shared a long message detailing the work required to put together her previous shows.


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