RMG owners want scope for importing yarn through 3 land ports

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Published: 11/8/2022 4:57:56 AM

The Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA) has urged the National Board of Revenue (NBR) for allowing import of raw materials including yarn by roads and railways through the Bhomra, Sona Masjid and Darshana land ports.

The BGMEA has made the request recently to the NBR through a letter for providing such permission by the concerned customs houses.

In the letter, the BGMEA mentioned that the lion share of Bangladesh's yarn import is made from India only through the Benapole land port. As a result, the RMG owners are facing difficulty since there is no scope for importing yarn through railways.

Under the circumstances, the BGMEA leaders want scope for importing yarn and other raw materials by roads through Bhomra, Sona Masjid, Darshana land ports and also through railways.

If their demands are met, the RMG owners believe that the sector would be able to maintain its competitive edge during this crisis time.



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