YouTube introduces several new features

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Published: 11/3/2022 6:14:45 AM
YouTube is introducing a new look for a more immersive viewing experience. Image: YouTube

YouTube is introducing a new look for a more immersive viewing experience. Image: YouTube

YouTube has recently announced a host of new features that will be rolled out starting today. According to the company, these new features, alongside an updated look, will offer a more immersive viewing experience. 

The updated new look of YouTube includes ambient mode, which adds a subtle effect to match the background colour alongside the video. YouTube says this new look will add more emphasis to the video being watched, while making it easier to watch videos in dark or dimly lit environments. Right now, users can update their YouTube app to avail of this feature. 

Additionally, the dark theme has been updated to be more darker than before. Video playlists will also receive the same colour adjustment, and from now on, will also show more details regarding each playlist for faster and easier scrolling. 

YouTube has also announced that YouTube links in video descriptions will change to buttons to make the video menu more minimalistic. Furthermore, the like, share and download buttons will be formatted to minimise distractions.

The subscribe button will now be in a new shape with higher contrast - and will no longer be red. However, YouTube assures that the very-important subscribe button will be easier to spot in any video and will be more accessible on both watch and channel pages. 

With these several new updates, YouTube is also globally rolling out the 'pinch to zoom' feature. Starting from the latest update launched today, all iOS and Android smartphone users can now pinch a video to easily zoom in and out. Letting go after pinching will make the video zoomed in to your desired size. 

YouTube is also launching the precise seeking option to make constant rewinding an easier task. Both computer and mobile users can now drag or swipe up while seeking to display a row of thumbnails in the video player. From there, they can manually make adjustments to get to their specifically desired part much quicker. 

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