Make your Halloween 2022 sugar and spice and everything nice with these trendy treats

No Tricks, Just Treats With These 5 Delicious Halloween Sweets To Try Out

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Published: 11/3/2022 5:05:15 AM

31st October is celebrated as Halloween all around the world and Indians have adapted the culture too. With numerous Halloween parties organised all around the city, its is safe to say we have added yet another festival to our list. 

Halloween parties are definitely incomplete without spooky costumes, and scrumptious Halloween treats! May it be the kids or the adults, delicious Halloween treats are all about sweets, cookies, finger foods for all. Let us see how to make delicious Halloween treats at home and celebrate the spooky season as merrily as possible.

5 Halloween Snack Ideas To Try Out At Home RN!

1. Caramel Apples

Easiest sweets of them all are the caramel apples. You simply take a few apples and wash them up. Keep the apples full or cut them up as desired. In a bowl heat caramel and with the help of stick or toothpick dip the apple pieces in caramel so coat every piece with caramel. Keep the apples in a baking pan and let it set in the fridge for an hour. Caramel apples are ready to be devoured.

2. Ghost Brownies

Make soft and juicy brownies, either eggless or with eggs as per your preferences and make interesting icing on them after they cool off. Make ghost patterns or spiders on the brownies to make delicious and spooky looking delicacies.

3. Breadstick Rattlers

Take pizza dough and cut it into long strips, with tapering at one end for making the tail and flattening the other for creating the head. Wrap each of the dough strips on a chopstick and apply olive oil to it. You can also sprinkle some chilli flakes, pumpkin seeds or sesame seeds on them. You can use black olives cut into pieces to make the yes. Bake the breadsticks and let them cool down before removing the chopsticks. It is definitely going to be a hit amongst the kids.

4. Spider Cookies

For all the cookie and chocolate lovers out there, this is definitely going to be your favourite. Dip your favourite freshly baked cookies in melted chocolate. The chocolate bar you choose can be your favourite type of chocolate, either dark, milk or simply white! Decorate the cookies with edible candies as the eyes. Add an edible black string to it and let it sit in the refrigerator. Relish it as spider snacks once the chocolate settles.

5. Chocolate Pudding Cups

These fun chocolate filled pudding cups are sure a delight to your eyes when placed on the tables. Make chocolate mousse and add cookie crumbs to it. Mix it well till the mixture is smooth. Add a cookie at the bottom and a crumbled cookie at the top of mini jars. And fill the jars or glasses with chocolate. You can add tree shaped chocolate shavings to the jars or decorate it with candy pumpkins.

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