Opposition out to destabilise politics amid crisis: PM tells Parliament

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Published: 11/3/2022 4:32:16 AM

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Wednesday told the Parliament that the opposition parties are trying to create political instability in the country, taking advantage of the ongoing economic crisis.

“When the country is in a transition period (crisis), I’ve not seen such worry among those who are in our opposition. Rather I’ve seen that they are trying how to create a political instability, taking its advantage. Is it fair to do that?” she said.

The premier said this while replying to a supplementary question from Jatiya Party MP Mujibul Haque (Kishoreganj-3) if the government would take any initiative for a unity among all political parties to face the existing economic crisis.

She said the opposition parties should demonstrate patriotism when the country faces difficulties. Why are they not doing it?, she asked.

“When there is a crisis throughout the world, we should avoid the tendency to unstable the political situation and catch fish in the troubled water,” said Hasina, the leader of the house.

She said her government has been developing the entire Bangladesh and the mass people, without considering which area voted for AL or not.

The PM said her government didn’t sit idle in facing disasters. Many people continue criticizing the government, but they didn’t stand beside the people even giving a fist of rice, she added.

She said unity is not a matter of just words. Everyone will have to come forward spontaneously. “We always believe in unity. We’ll work together with whoever comes forward,” she added.

In reply to another supplementary question from BNP MP Rumeen Farhana, the prime minister advised the MPs to stand beside the people instead of finding faults amid the global crisis.

Hasina said the price of every commodity soared following the Russia-Ukraine war and the sanctions and the people of the entire world are now victims. “The MPs should think what they can do for the people of Bangladesh as lawmakers, instead of finding faults in Bangladesh,” she said.

Earlier, Rumeen referred to the think tank CPD and a newspaper questioning what steps are being planned by the government to control the inflation as the food prices are the highest in Bangladesh in South Asia and Bangladesh is among the 42 countries that may face famine.

The premier said everyone should consider the price-hike of essentials in Bangladesh, comparing that in the world markets.

“I am not denying that the prices have not increased in Bangladesh. Since the prices have soared, we are providing subsidies and the goods at low prices to those who cannot afford,” she said.

Responding to a supplementary question from Gonoforum MP Sultan Muhammed Mansur Ahmed (Maulvibazar-2), the PM said Bangladesh still remains in a better position than even many developed countries amid the economic recession.

She said there are also some unscrupulous businessmen who consider only their profits - not the sufferings of the people - and they sometimes hoard goods and create artificial price-hikes.

Sheikh Hasina said she has already taken steps against those who try to hoard goods and create artificial hike in prices and these will continue.



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