Gaibandha-5 by-polls: EC vows to take offending officials to task

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Published: 10/19/2022 5:00:10 AM

Election Commissioner Md. Alamgir on Tuesday said that action will be taken against the officials who were involved in irregularities in the by-election of Gaibandha-5 seat.

He said this in response to questions from journalists in his office in the election building.

Irrespective of the number of officers, disciplinary action will be taken according to the degree of offence based on the investigation report, he also said.

Alamgir said that the EC is neither for nor against anyone. It is the responsibility of the EC to conduct fair and impartial elections. Whenever voting becomes unfair it will be suspended and a new election will be held.

The commissioner said that they observed the election of Gaibandha-5 seat through CCTV from the election building.

"It was seen that polling agents were pressing the voting button after giving the voter's fingerprint in the secret polling booth. Seeing this, instructions were given to the presiding officer but he did not act accordingly. The order to hand over the culprit to the law enforcement agencies was also not obeyed," he added.

The commission did not even see that the presiding officers had restored order. So the EC has done what it should have been done under law.

Saying that the investigation on all those irregularities is going on, Alamgir said the commission is finding the reason why did the presiding officers commit those irregularities. If the investigation proves that they did it voluntarily and no one acted even though there was an opportunity to restore order, then action will be taken as per law.

He said that the EC can give them temporary exemption up to two months. Apart from this, it may recommend the dismissal of the offending officers. The authorities concerned should implement it and inform the EC.



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