Sumbul confronts Shalin about the rumour that she makes him 'claustrophobic'. As Shekhar Suman engages with the contestants, a viewer calls out Nimrit for groupism.

Bigg Boss 16 Weekend ka Vaar: Sumbul asks Shalin if she makes him ‘claustrophobic’, viewer calls out Nimrit for groupism!

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Published: 10/18/2022 4:53:48 AM

It’s a new day in the house of ‘Bigg Boss’ and so it begins with ‘Bigg Boss’ anthem. Then we see that Archana argues with Gautam about the kitchen duties. She says she cannot keep begging for food. Later in the day, Gautam redistributes the food duties to all the housemates. In a cute moment, Shiv and Shalin teach Abdu how to make a wish with fallen eyelashes. Shiv then takes him to Tina and asks him to pluck her eyelash to which Tina resists and they have a laugh. Gautam then scolds all the housemates for leaving their jackets unattended. Sumbul then confronts Shalin about the talks going on inside the house about her.  

Tina gets teary-eyed as Gautam scolds her for leaving her jacket. She says she wonders what happens to everyone on Weekend ka Vaar. He clarifies that he is doing it because he is in a position of responsibility. Sumbul says to Gautam why does everyone think she has a crush on Shalin? Gautam says your actions and words do not match. He says that Shalin has admitted that Sumbul makes him ‘claustrophobic’ and fears that she might go into depression. Sumbul then confronts Shalin about the ‘claustrophobic’ remark. He admits that he said he was feeling claustrophobic and feared about her depression. He clarifies that he is a loner so he feels the same with everyone. Shalin says to Tina that Gautam should not have told all this to Sumbul.   

sumbul touqeer khan

sumbul touqeer khan

Gautam, Shalin, Tina and Nimrit discuss about the matter with Sumbul. Nimrit says she doesn’t understand what’s going up with Shalin but would not want to lose Tina. Nimrit says she becomes the collateral damage in all this and Shalin should stop playing the victim card. Sumbul discusses the matter with Sajid about Shalin, he asks her to remember what her father said that no one is your own here. 

Shalin Bhanot

Now Shekhar Suman is back with the contestants and begins with some really funny poetry about the relationships in Bigg Boss house! He says that Sajid is like madaari and Abdu is like his chela. When Shekhar asks Sajid who’s the least funny person he says its Manya. He says that Sumbul came as Madhubala but the house has made her Meena Kumari. He calls her ‘the symbol of tears’. He then asks Tina to repeat a few words after him in which he teases her about Shalin. He then asks Nimrit to give opinions about Shiv and Sumbul.  

Nimrit and Shiv are asked questions by the viewers in Shekhar Suman’s room. When the viewers asks that she is playing on backfoot, she says she knows why she is here and said that she considers Gautam as a friend. A series of questions follow Shiv and Nimrit. A viewer also questions Nimrit about groupism and calls her hypocrite. The contestants then give their opinions on groupism. 

Later in the show, Tina announces that viewers will vote for Face of the season which Tina is currently leading followed by Nimrit and Priyanka. The winner will get Rs 25 lacs prize along with an ad with Shraddha Kapoor. The contestants then have a fight over unclean bathroom. MC Stan bursts over the accusations over unclean bathrooms to which Tina says that he should become the next captain. 


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