Will not be returning to acting at this time because I want to spend time with my son: Pori Moni

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Published: 10/11/2022 5:51:46 AM

Shaheem Mohammad Rajya, the son of Pori Moni and Sariful Razz, has been the center of their lives ever since he was born. The actress was recently saw with her family during Chorki Carnival, a celebration of the platform's first year, but she is currently preoccupied with being a happy mother.

The actress talks to The Daily Star about her life, return to acting, and more.

How are you doing?

By the grace of the Almighty, I am doing very well. He has been very kind to me, and that is why I was given the biggest blessing of my life, my son Rajya. I am on cloud nine with Razz and Rajya.

How do you spend your time nowadays?

I have devoted all my time to Rajya. I am talking to you just after I put him to sleep. Even though I don't remember much from my own childhood, when I see him play, smile and infectiously laugh, I feel like my mother must have felt the same way when I was little.  I always miss my mother, but after Rajya was born, I started to miss her even more. However, I feel like she is always watching over me.

Your son is two months old now.

Razz and I want to spend his 'birthday' every month, so we will be spending his second 'birthday' today. We will do the same for the 10th day of every month. After he is a year old, we will have a grand celebration with our loved ones from both sides of the family, and I am already excited for that!