Malaika Arora engages in a vigorous yoga flow session to embrace her inner warrior.

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Published: 9/19/2022 10:32:02 AM

Malaika Arora dropped a video of herself embracing the warrior within her by practising a yoga flow session featuring various yoga asanas. The star inspired her followers to be kind and love themselves with the post.

Fitness is a major aspect of Malaika Arora's lifestyle. The star never compromises on her health, even when she has a packed schedule or travelling across the globe for various events. 

Moreover, the paparazzi often clicks her outside the yoga studio in Mumbai - where she packs in a rigorous workout session and shares snippets every week to motivate her followers. Malaika's latest post is also the same. The star embraced the warrior within her as she did a flow yoga asana in the video. Keep scrolling to get inspired.

Malaika Arora embraces the warrior within her with an intense yoga flow session (Instagram)
Malaika Arora embraces the warrior within her with an intense yoga flow session (Instagram)

Malaika Arora's yoga flow routine

On Monday, Malaika Arora dished some motivation to her followers for the new week. The star wrote in her caption that we should love and be kind to ourselves in every situation. "Good morning and welcome to another Monday motivation. This week we have gratitude day coming up and it got me thinking. We often forget to thank our biggest supporter, the one who pushes through in our difficult times and the one who loves us no matter what it is. We forget that we're all great warriors who go through life's difficulties and still find reasons to smile and love. So this gratitude day, before you express your gratitude for amazing people in your life, be sure to thank yourself and promise yourself to love, respect and treat yourself with kindness that you shower on others. Have a great week," her caption said. (Also Read: Malaika Arora in sheer off-shoulder gown and bold makeup dials up the drama)

The video begins with Malaika doing the Downward Dog pose on the yoga mat. Then, she lifts her leg and brings it forward to get into the Utthita Ashwa Sanchalanasana or the Lunge Pose. Then, slowly, Malaika stands straight, lifts her leg and holds her knee close to her torso while pointing her toes downwards. She follows this pose by doing the Virabhadrasana II or the Warrior II pose.

Lastly, Malaika wore a black racerback sports bra and colourful printed shorts for the exercise session. A messy bun and no makeup on the face kept things fuss-free.

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