The big surprise in the trailer of 'Yashoda'

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Published: 9/13/2022 5:44:05 AM

The trailer of 'Yashoda' directed by Hari Harris was released on Friday. Samantha Ruth Prabhu showed surprise in the trailer of Dakshin Bharti. He is playing the title role in this film.

According to Indian media Anandabazar, 'Yashoda' is basically a science fiction thriller film. After seeing the trailer, the audience found Samantha's character to be quite amazing.

When the poster of 'Yashoda' was released, there was no indication that the film would have any big surprises. However, various speculations started among the public about the poster of 'Yashoda'. But after the release of the trailer, a large section of the audience is practically speechless.

In the trailer, it is seen that Samantha is grabbing all the attention of the audience. No other character is seen in this trailer. Still, the audience is happy to see the trailer. The trailer has all the elements of a mystery-thriller.

The big surprise in the trailer of 'Yashoda' is that Samantha will be seen pregnant in the film. The character played by Samantha will be kidnapped by someone or someone. In this movie, the character played by Samantha will be seen doing many risky things while pregnant. Samantha's fans are currently waiting for the release of the film.

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