BTS album "Proof" sells over 2 million copies on first day

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Published: 6/19/2022 10:32:12 PM

K-pop sensation BTS latest anthology album "Proof" sold over 2 million copies on the first day. Its title track "Yet to Come" has become the first song to reach the number one spot on Melon's rebranded Top 100 chart.

This is the second BTS album to break a sales record on day one, coming in at number two on the Hanteo chart for most sales on day one. Earlier on, "Map of the Soul: 7" was their first album to break all records at the Hanteo chart, with the most copies sold on day one, at around 2.6 million.

BTS "Proof" includes many old songs, solo tracks, and unreleased demo versions. The album consists of three new songs – "Yet to Come", "RUN BTS", and "For Youth." Two hidden tracks, "Quotation Mark" and "Young Love" is also available exclusively in the CD version of the album. The Daily Star

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