Digging of 7 new gas wells in Sylhet underway

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Published: 7/8/2024 5:25:01 AM

To address the ongoing gas crisis in the country, the government has started to dig new and repair old gas wells. This initiative, which began about six months ago, aims to significantly boost gas production.

Work has already been completed on one of the seven targeted inoperative wells, Sylhet-10, with efforts on two more, including Kailashtila-8, in progress. Repair work on the remaining three wells is also underway.

Completing all works, the authorities concerned are working with the objective of producing gas within 2024.

According to Sylhet Gas Field sources, there are 26 gas wells in Sylhet. Presently, 118 million cubic feet of gas is being produced daily from 13 wells. Moreover, 13 wells are now out of operation.

Out of the 13 inactive wells, repair work on seven wells is going on to activate them. Sylhet Gas Well authorities said that 20-21 million cubic feet gas will be added to the national grid from Kailashtila-8 from next May.

Meantime, alongside repairing old wells that remain inactive for 4-5 years, initiatives have been taken by the government to dig anew seven wells.
Md Mizanur Rahman, managing director (MD) of Sylhet Gas Fields Limited, has informed that digging of the wells started in June-July of the current year.

He further informed that to meet the gas deficit in the country, the inactive wells will be activated through repair work. Moreover, digging of seven more wells is going on.

According to Sylhet gas office sources, 160-166 million cubic feet gas will be produced daily from repaired seven old wells and seven newly-dug wells. This will result in production of a total of 260 million cubic feet gas in Sylhet.

The newly-dug wells in Sylhet are as follows: One in Sylhet-10, one in Sylhet-11, two in Kailashtila-8 and 9, two in Rashidpur-11 and 13. Another well will be dug in Dhupitila.

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