I’m happy to be ruling over the hearts of Bengalis: Shakib Khan

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Published: 7/7/2024 9:04:48 AM

Shakib Khan's "Toofan" was released in 47 theatres, including South City, Star Theater, and Lake Mall in Kolkata, on July 5. 

As part of the film's promotion, Shakib Khan visited Kolkata to talk about his film with his fans. The premiere was held at Kolkata's South City Mall. Earlier, the makers of "Toofan" held a press conference to discuss the film with the media. 

Shakib Khan also gave various interviews to media outlets in Kolkata, describing himself as the undefeatable "King of Bengali peoples' hearts."

The megastar of Dhallywood was asked if he was moody - "Shakib Khan is known as the 'King of Bangladesh.' Everybody wants to know how you reign over people's hearts when some people complain that you are moody. What's your answer to that?"

Shakib Khan replied, "Well, I feel people who think I am moody are mostly those who haven't seen or known me personally. Do you really think I am moody?" he added with a big smile.

He then went on to state that he has many enemies. "One can rule over people's hearts in two ways - through fighting and love. I have won the hearts of people without any competition and I am the king of Bengali people's hearts."

Shakib Khan is not only the megastar of Dhallywood; he is also one of the superstars of Bengali cinema and the poster boy of Bangladeshi cinema.

On this day, the actor was asked about his sense of responsibility for the success of his movies. "More than 250 films and numerous super hit movies under your name. Currently, your film 'Toofan' is doing exceptional business both in Bangladesh and abroad. Do you feel that you have a huge responsibility towards the industry?" asked the journalist.

The "Toofan" actor gave a blunt and honest reply to the reporter and said, "Earlier, I used to work a lot concentrating on the quantity of work instead of quality. Some of the films were good, while others were average. Many of the directors used to even come to me and tell me, 'bhai I am in a lot of trouble. Can you please work on my film?'. I did those films for the sake of industry and out of a sense of responsibility. I did those films in order to support the cinema halls."

Despite numerous setbacks and hurdles, Shakib Khan came to understand that the people of Bangladesh love him deeply and that he also enjoys a significant fanbase outside the country.

"I am really grateful that people from outside the country also love me. They appreciate my work and praise me when I do well. That's when I decided to focus on quality films, leading to 'Toofan', which is now doing well in theatres," concluded the actor.

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