Russia Ready to Discuss Strategic Stability With US, Waits for New Administration - Putin

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Published: 7/7/2024 6:22:38 AM

Russia is ready to discuss the issues of strategic stability with the United States but it is necessary to wait for the new administration in Washington to understand their stance, President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday.

"We have to wait for the US elections and understand the mood and preferences of the future administration. We are ready for that," Putin told reporters, adding that Russia is ready for a "dialogue" with the US.

Putin also said that it is "impossible" to talk about constructive dialogue before elections in the US.

The president also recalled that Russia has formulated its security proposals, adding that their should be a "goodwill" from other countries as well.

On Trump's Statement Regarding Ukraine Conflict

Russia takes seriously Donald Trump's statement on being ready to stop the armed conflict in Ukraine, Putin commented.

On US Presidential Debate

President Putin mentioned that he watched fragments of last week's presidential debate between US President Joe Biden and his Republican challenger, Donald Trump.

"Well, I saw some fragments. I have plenty of things to do, so I don't really keep tabs on what is happening there... In general, of course, I saw some of it, there was no avoiding it," he said.

On Engaging With Ukrainian Parliament

Vladimir Putin pointed out that it was pointless to try and engage with the Ukrainian parliament as long as it answered to a government that was clinging on to power illegally.

"The ruling elite ... because it is staying in power illegally, has not even sought the Constitutional Court's confirmation for its term," the president said, referring to the 2015 Supreme Court's ruling, which limited to the presidential term to five years, with no extensions.

On Russian-Turkish Relations

Russia and Turkiye are interested in developing relations, he noted, adding that it is no secret who stands in the way of Moscow and Ankara.

"In general, on both sides there is interest in this... natural [interest], related not to the fact that someone is standing in our way, but to the real development of events in Turkiye," Putin told reporters, adding that "everyone knows" who stands in a way of Russian-Turkish relations.
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s political will allows building Ankara-Moscow relations, Putin added.

On SCO Countries Opposing Deployment of Weapons in Space

"We agreed in the declaration and say in other documents that all SCO countries oppose the placement of any weapons in space — this is after all a signal to the rest of the world about how we view the militarization of outer space," Putin told reporters.

On Fighting Terrorism With Taliban

The Taliban* movement are Russia’s allies in fight against terrorism, the president said.

Russia has "received such signals" from the Taliban regarding their readiness to cooperation in fight against terrorism many times, Putin added.
Regarding Afghanistan’s full membership in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), Putin said that this issue concerns all SCO members and not just Russia.

On US Remaining Economic and Military Power

The United States remains a great economic and military power and a core member of the UN Security Council, Putin also noted.

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