The cinema halls in Bogura finally witness the return of their heydays

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Published: 8/14/2022 8:37:03 AM

Due to the pandemic, many cinema halls were closed off due to lack of audience. The halls were demolished and instead, shopping malls and residential buildings were being constructed. However, the release of "Hawa" and "Poran" has given a boost to theaters, as audiences are storming towards them.

The cinema halls in Bogura are finally witnessing the return of their heydays. After being closed for six consecutive years, the 'Bambi' cinema hall, established by the Nawab family of Bogura, finally opened its gate on Friday. The theatre's name has been changed to "Bambi Digital Cineplex". Initially, the seats consisted of one thousand chairs but have been reduced to 160 for the time being.

The silver screen of 'Bambi' theatre hall lit up on Friday with the screening of Raihan Rafi's superhit movie "Poran". A top quality music system was installed in the theatres as audiences started to pile up in the iconic cinema hall.

Bambi cinema hall started to face its downfall since 2005, as there weren't any houseful shows. It was closed off in 2016 after suffering significant losses and profits. The first day's show was wonderful as audiences were keen to watch "Poran". The ticket prices were priced from 80-100 taka respectively.

The authorities of Bambi Digital Cineplex are hopeful that good content will lead to more houseful movies in the future. Currently, they are showing single-screen shows but if the demand increases; they will increase the number of screens in Cineplex.

Initially, Bogura had 10 cinema halls but currently, only three theatres are operating- Modhuban Cineplex, Sonia Hall, and Bambi Digital Cineplex. Most of the theatres have been reconstructed into buildings and shopping malls for the residents.

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