DB official Saklain to be forced into retirement over Pori Moni affairs

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Published: 6/25/2024 9:17:24 AM

A forced retirement has been recommended for former additional deputy commissioner of the detective branch of Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) Md Golam Saklain over 'intimacy' with Pori Moni while working on a case filed by the actor.


Deputy Secretary Rokeya Parvin Jui from the Discipline-2 Branch of the Ministry of Home Affairs gave this recommendation for forced retirement on 13 June.

The decision was made following reports from several media outlets that claimed Golam Saqlain had engaged in unprofessional conduct with Pori Moni while supervising the case filed by the actor against five persons, including businessman Nasir U Mahmud.

The disciplinary branch's report mentions that Saklain began regularly spending nights at actress Pori Moni's residence, as proven by the forensic report of his mobile phone.

Pori Moni

Upon reviewing the report, it was found that the messages exchanged between him and Pori Moni (from 29 July 2021 to 3 August 2021) on Facebook Messenger under the names Samsunnahar Smriti aka Pori Moni and Golam Saklain Sithee.

Investigators also found that the WhatsApp conversations (from 11 July 2021 to 4 August 2021) were not of a general acquaintance or professional necessity. 
Instead, they were in a romantic relationship.

In the report, forensic analysis of CCTV footage shows Pori Moni's comings and goings at the Madhumati Police Officers Quarters in Rajarbagh.

Despite being married and a father of one, Saklain established an extramarital relationship with Pori Moni.

It was also proven that she had spent time at his government residence in the absence of his wife. 

Earlier, in 2021, Md Golam Saklain was transferred to the Public Order Management division from the detective branch of Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) amid discussions of his intimacy with actress Pori Moni.

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