Puja Chery promises a blockbuster despite recent setbacks

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Published: 6/23/2024 8:08:04 AM

Puja Chery's latest featurette, "Agantuk" directed by Sumon Dhar, premiered during Eid-ul-Azha. Despite being inactive in promotions immediately after its release, Puja has recently been visiting various theatres, inviting audiences to watch the film and discussing her career and plans. She has also requested time to deliver a major hit.


During a theatre visit, Puja remarked, "Releasing a film every Eid is a stroke of luck for an artiste. Last Eid, my film 'Lipstick' was released; this time, it's 'Agantuk', a psychological-thriller. Those who have watched it have praised it."

The production process of "Agantuk" initially began with it being treated as a web-film but later transitioned into a feature film. Puja explained, "I initially signed up for a web-film. During the shooting, our team felt it had the potential to become a full-fledged movie. Many films start as web-films but end up as movies for the silver screen. Cinema is larger than life, and 'Agantuk' had elements that warranted its transition to a theatrical experience."

Although Puja is now actively promoting "Agantuk" she was quiet about its promotions before its release, raising questions. Addressing the matter, Puja said, "After a production house announces a film's release, I try my best to promote it. However, promotion majorly depends on the producer and director.

When they give the go-ahead, we begin promoting. I can promote it from my end at any time, but the process requires permission. As soon as I got the green light, I started promoting the film on social media by sharing posters, and interacting with audiences in theatres."

Despite releasing films every Eid, Puja's recent movies haven't been commercially successful, and she has faced personal criticism. Many believe she is going through a rough patch in her career. 

However, Puja disagreed with the statement, remarking, "I give my best in everything I do, but not everything can be a blockbuster. I kindly request my audience to give me the time needed to create a big hit. Trust me; something big is coming soon. I'm here in the film industry to stay for the long run. Give me time, and I promise to deliver a blockbuster."

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