Ophthalmologists urge prompt consultation and education for 100% curable cataracts

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Published: 6/13/2024 4:54:08 AM

Ophthalmologists have urged patients who are suffering from cataracts to consult a doctor promptly and to educate both the patients and their families about the importance of timely intervention for this cent percent curable disease.

Currently, more than 6 lakh people in the country are suffering from cataracts. With this, two lakh new patients are added every year. However, it is a matter of concern that about 80% of these patients are from rural areas. People don't know much about the disease. Though the scope of treatment has increased at the local level, including in community clinics and vision centers, many patients have remained out of treatment due to ignorance and negligence, they added.

The ophthalmologists came up with the information at a press conference titled 'June: Cataract Awareness Month' organised by the at Bangladesh Eye Hospital and Institute on Tuesday, (11June).

Dr Abha Hossain, who addressed the event as chief guest, said, "In the past, surgery was not performed until the cataract was fully mature. However, there have been significant advancements. With the availability of modern treatments, this operation can now be done very quickly. While many patients come to us and receive treatment, there are still many who stay at home and do not seek care. If the surgery is performed on time, it is possible to recover 100% vision."

“Injury-induced cataracts can develop in children, and cataracts are also common in elderly people. Therefore, there is no limit to the need for awareness. If children get injured, their retina should be checked to ensure it is intact; otherwise, cataracts can develop quickly. We often neglect the issue of cataracts. So, it is important to raise awareness about cataract complications and how to manage them. Community clinics can be utilised for this purpose,” she added.

In his speech, former president of BSCRS Dr Mahbub said, "No other treatment has advanced as significantly as eye treatment in the last few decades. Cataract surgery is the most common surgery in the world. However, there is still a significant lack of awareness. Therefore, it is possible to prevent cataract-related vision loss if not only the government but also private hospitals and various organisations come forward."

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