Environment Minister Saber Hossain Chowdhury urges nations to prioritise climate actions in development agendas

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Published: 6/12/2024 4:52:37 AM

Environment, Forest and Climate Change Minister Saber Hossain Chowdhury has urged all nations to prioritise climate actions and water sustainability in development agendas.

He made the call while addressing the 3rd High-Level International Conference on the International Decade for Action 'Water for Sustainable Development' held in Dushanbe city of Tajikistan on Sunday evening, according to a message received.

The conference brought together global leaders and experts to discuss pressing water-related issues and sustainable development goals.

Speaking at the conference, Quader said this is time for action to protect the planet's water resources and ensure a sustainable, resilient future for all.

He said nations must adopt a holistic approach that integrates climate resilience into water management strategies.

"This includes strengthening our scientific understanding, investing in innovative solutions, and fostering collaboration across borders," he added.

The environment minister highlighted the critical challenges posed by the ongoing climate crisis, emphasizing the significant impacts of rising emissions and temperatures on the cryosphere.

As emissions and temperatures continue to rise, glaciers worldwide are retreating and melting at an alarming rate, he said.

Saber Hossain said the challenges facing the cryosphere, including ice-sheets, snow and permafrost, have become existential threats that demand immediate and sustained actions.

He underscored the need for integrated actions for water sustainability and climate change, pointing out that the melting of glaciers not only threatens water supplies but also exacerbates sea level rise, affecting millions of people globally.

He called for enhanced international cooperation and a robust commitment to climate actions to address these urgent issues.

Saber Hossain shared Bangladesh's initiatives and experiences in tackling water and climate challenges.

He highlighted the country's efforts in climate adaptation, including the construction of resilient infrastructure, promotion of sustainable agriculture and implementation of early warning systems.

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