Shakib Khan, Puja Cherry reunite on stage, actress refutes old rumours

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Published: 6/11/2024 5:00:09 AM

After nearly two years, Dhallywood stars Shakib Khan and Puja Cherry shared a stage once again, sparking a flurry of speculation. The duo was seen interacting at a high-profile fashion event in Dhaka on Friday night, accompanied by several other celebrities, including Pori Moni, Bidya Sinha Meem, and Sabila Nur.

Puja Cherry first paired with Shakib Khan in the film "Golui", released in mid-2022. Shortly after the film's release, rumours of a secret romance between Shakib and Puja began circulating. The gossip even suggested that Puja had converted religions to marry Shakib. This speculation was further fueled when Puja obtained a US visa, leading to increased distance between her and Shakib. 

Projects they were scheduled to collaborate on post-"Golui" were canceled, and the controversy caused both stars to cut off communication. Puja was also replaced in Shakib's upcoming film "Maya".

The unexpected reunion at the fashion show saw the pair exchange joyous pleasantries. Puja Cherry commented, "It felt good to see Shakib bhai after a long time. Many stars, including myself, were showstoppers for the event, and Shakib bhai is one of the directors of the brand. We met, chatted briefly, and it felt nice catching up."

When asked about their conversation, Puja said, "There was a lot of crowd, so we didn't talk much. Shakib bhai inquired about my well-being, and I shared the news of my mother's passing. That was all."

Puja spoke highly of Shakib Khan, describing him as a good-hearted person and a valuable asset to the industry. She attributed the distance in their relationship to the unfounded rumours of romance and marriage, which had caused embarrassment and fear.

"We actors have friendly relationships with our co-stars. My bond with Shakib Khan is no different from my friendships with Siam, Roshan, and others I've worked with. Unfortunately, false rumours were spread, damaging our friendship. I was young and inexperienced with such issues, so we both chose to stay away from each other," Puja explained. 

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"Shakib bhai was busy with his work, and I focused on mine," the actress added.

Puja further emphasised her professional commitment, stating, "I never hang out outside of work. After shooting, I usually return home to spend time with my family. That's my routine."

The recent encounter with Shakib has led some to speculate that new rumours might arise. Puja dismissed these concerns, saying, "I've heard people suggesting that, but I don't pay attention to such gossip anymore. If I let these rumours affect me, I wouldn't be able to work. The audience now understands that previous stories were false, and they won't believe any new rumours."

When asked if there were any discussions about future projects with Shakib Khan, Puja laughed and said, "No, there was no such talk. If a project comes up and the story requires me, I will certainly consider it."

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