‘Moyurakkhi’ features rickshaw art-based imagery in its item song

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Published: 6/9/2024 5:42:34 AM

The upcoming Eid-ul-Azha film "Moyurakkhi" unveiled its first music video featuring an item song. Shared yesterday via the film's official Facebook page, the 2-minute 5-second video prominently showcases imagery inspired by rickshaw art.


The film director, Rashid Polash, described it as an introductory song. Titled "Piriter Bazar Ekhon Ager Moto Nai", this item song showcases a dance performance by Alisha Islam, featuring vocals by Shakila Saki and music composed by Nadim Bhuiyan. The video's graphics evoke the nostalgia of rickshaw art and the golden era of Bengali cinema.

Alisha Islam

Actress Eamin Haque Bobby and actor Sudip Biswas Deep star together in "Moyurakkhi". Both producers and artistes are actively promoting the film ahead of its release. Recently, the poster and teaser of the film were unveiled. The teaser depicts a plane hijacking, with the pilot seeking help. 

Eamin Haque Bobby

Its story based on a true incident rapidly circulated across media, causing tension nationwide, when it occurred.

Discussing the film's narrative, the director shared, "The film draws inspiration from a real-life story of love and deceit, featuring scenes of a plane hijacking. This romantic thriller is my first attempt at this new genre, as I have primarily worked on historical films. Taking on a romantic narrative was a significant challenge; however, I'm hopeful about the movie's reception. Ultimately, the audience's feedback will determine its success."

Sudip Biswas Deep

The film also stars Sadia Mahi, Sumit Sengupta, Farzana Chobi, Shomu Chowdhury, Deepak Suman, Pranab Ghosh, Sabina Puthi, Farooq, Muhin Khan, Manik Shah, Zulfiqar Chanchal, Rudra Haque, Mitul, and Kasturi Chowdhury in various roles.

 Sadia Mahi

The film's music has been composed by Jahid Nirob, with tracks performed by Muhin Khan, Purnota, Torsha Sarkar, Jahid Nirob, and Shakila Saki. 

Golam Rabbani is credited with writing the story and screenplay of the movie. Produced by Chowdhury Nisho under the Aaj International banner, the project is supported by Shahadat Hossain Liton serving as the executive producer.

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